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  • First of all go through completed, ongoing & upcoming projects. Read the testimonials of all our customers and landowners who have build a relation with us.

  • An appointment will be set up with mutual consent to us exchange info through a meeting or email communication.

  • Once you have decided to develop a relation with us through joint venture development of your land, a Deed of Agreement (DOA)/ Mou will be signed between us and you will have to provide power of attorney in favor of TM ASSETS to undertake the project.

  • When the contract is signed, then our Customer Service Department will arrange the ‘Intimation Ceremony’ to welcome you to our company as a family member and to introduce you to various people that you will need to be in touch over the course of time.

  • A Digital Survey and Soil Test of your land will be done to initiate the drawing process.

  • We will share the design of the apartment/commercial complex to be built on the land jointly owned by TM ASSETS and you.

  • The project plan will be submitted accordingly for approvals and various formalities will be completed to enable us to begin the construction work.

  • After obtaining approval from concerned authority, we will then proceed to sell the share of apartments owned by us while you may choose to retain your portion or sell some or all apartments through us too.

  • Construction work will commence as per the Deed of Agreement (DOA) and will be completed as per schedule.

  • Before the completion and handover of the apartment complex there will be a welcome Pre -Handover meeting where you and all other homeowners will be introduced to each other and various issues of common interest will be discussed for a smooth handover of all homes and also to guide all owners as to how to live in communal harmony.

  • A handover ceremony marking the completion of the project will be held to welcome all the owners to their new homes.

About TM Assets

TM Assets Limited has made its footprint in real estate development sector with a vision of quality, professionalism, commitment, transparency and service. TM Assets Limited has already its working domain in capital city Dhaka and will be extend in major cities of Bangladesh with trend setting architectural entity that will lift the quality of architecture and taste of our clients as well. TM Assets Limited is committed to ensure comfortable living within an affordable range. TM Assets Limited would like to express its deep gratitude to all its landowners, clients, associates and patrons and well-wishers for their continued support.

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