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  • First, find out our projects & decide which location you want to buy. After that without hesitation please contact us so that we can help you to choose apartment/shop/Business suit for your lifestyle

  • Fill u and submit the Application Form which you may submit via email or fax.

  • Talk with us about your financial issue.

  • Book your Apartment/Commercial through A/C Payee Cheque in favor of  TM ASSETS LIMITED. Collect, read and sign the Deed of Agreement (DOA) & Allotment Letter and make payments as per the schedule chalked out in the DOA.

  • Get introduced to our Customer Service Department (CSD) and our dedicated Construction team.

  • Arrange submission of all your choices timely as per the guidance of CSD to ensure that your home gets completed on time.

  • sign the Handover Documents: ‘Agreement for Clear Transfer Possession and Key Receiving’ documents.

  • We can help you complete the Transfer/Registration of your Apartment/Commercial from the concerned government authorities. We can also assist you in completing the Mutation of Apartment and proportionate land form from concerned govt. authorities.

  • Be a part of the Owner’s Committee and contribute towards keeping your apartment/Commercial project beautiful and well maintained.

  • Receive all papers required for your home from us and maintain timely payments for utility costs and maintenance of your apartments.

About TM Assets

TM Assets Limited has made its footprint in real estate development sector with a vision of quality, professionalism, commitment, transparency and service. TM Assets Limited has already its working domain in capital city Dhaka and will be extend in major cities of Bangladesh with trend setting architectural entity that will lift the quality of architecture and taste of our clients as well. TM Assets Limited is committed to ensure comfortable living within an affordable range. TM Assets Limited would like to express its deep gratitude to all its landowners, clients, associates and patrons and well-wishers for their continued support.

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