The company mainly deals with energy and power. The company has experienced more than 15 years with all kind of NG/CNG gas solutions and economic power generation solution. The company now comes with the all kind of LPG solution. Because of natural gas crisis, decision of the Bangladesh Government to encourage the usage of LPG for domestic usage as a substitute for Natural Gas. With activities spanning across the LPG value chain, with core competencies in LPG plant construction and installation, Logistics solutions and integrated project management & LPG bulk supply/distribution. The company is committed to the service needs of the B2B and B2C clients and with the aim of becoming the largest LPG servicing company in Bangladesh. With a core focus on quality and production improvements.

Our core competence includes:

  • LPG plant construction and  installation
  • Logistics solution and integrated project management
  • LPG bulk supply/distribution
  • LPG Reticulated domestic solution
  • LPG Conversion
  • Auto Service


Autogas (LPG) is a clean, high octane, abundant and eco-friendly fuel. It is obtained from natural gas through fractionation and from crude oil through refining. It is a mixture of petroleum gases like propane and butane. The higher energy content in this fuel results in a 10% reduction of CO2 emission as compared to MS.

Autogas is a gas at atmospheric pressure and normal temperatures, but it can be liquefied when moderate pressure is applied or when the temperature is sufficiently reduced. This property makes the fuel an ideal energy source for a wide range of applications, as it can be easily condensed, packaged, stored and utilized. When the pressure is released, the liquid makes up about 250 times its volume as gas, so large amounts of energy can be stored and transported compactly.

Autogas impacts greenhouse emissions less than any other fossil fuel when measured through the total fuel cycle. Conversion of petrol to Autogas helps substantially reduce air pollution caused by vehicular emissions.
The saving on account of conversion to Autogas in comparison to petrol is about 35-40%. Low filling times and the 35-40% saving is a reason enough for a consumer to convert his vehicle to Autogas.


Autogas station:

An Autogas or LPG filling station is consisting of a steel tank, LPG pump, Dispenser and other equipment. LPG as automotive fuel is very much famous as its emission level much lower than the other fossil fuel. Compare to compressed natural gas (CNG) it has higher mileage and storage facilities as it stored as liquid.

Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world; with approximately 26 million of passenger cars powered using the fuel with 72000 LPG autogas station in the world.

Autogas enjoys great popularity in numerous countries and territories, including: Australia, the European Union, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, the Republic of Macedonia, South Korea, Serbia, Sri Lanka and Turkey. It is also available at larger petrol stations in several countries.

Because of natural gas crisis, Bangladesh government encouraging LP gas use in vehicle rather than CNG gas. Already more than 25 number of LPG station starts their operation around the country and more than 1000 LPG Autogas station will be install in coming years.

Key solutions we provide:


  • Permissions for LPG Autogas station
  • Layout Design
  • 3D Design
  • Civil Constriction
  • Expert Engineering team for commissioning
  • 24/7 after sales service (Maintenance, Trouble shooting)
  • Available Spare parts


Our Packages:

10,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 litter capacity underground/mounted/over ground Tank with Dual Nozzle dispenser, LPG pump, Unloading pump/compressor, Control unit, connecting pipe, Gas detector system, Cathodic Protection, Flow meter, NOV, Ball valve and necessary fittings.

We also do customize solution as per our valuable client’s requirement.  

International Affiliation:

  1. Techno Gas, Italy
  2. CLW Group, China
  3. Dogumak, Turkey

How safe is Autogas in automobiles?

Unlike CNG, which is pressurized at 200 bars, LPG is pressurized at just 5-7 bars, which makes it as safe as conventional fuels. The automotive use of LPG has an excellent safety record and various crash tests and fire tests have proved that, owing to the strength and integrity of the fuel tank, it is safer than petrol and on a par with diesel. The conversion of vehicles to LPG has, of course, to be undertaken by a competent person working in accordance with the prescribed standards.

Advantages of Autogas!!

  • Can be used in Passenger cars, three wheelers and two wheelers.
  • No need to go refueling pump every day.
  • LPG is pressurized as 7-10 bars as against 200 bars for CNG, which makes it safe and conventional fuel.
  • The automotive use for LPG has an excellent safety record and various crash tests and fire tests proved that owing to the strength and integrity of the fuel tank, it is safer than petrol and at par with diesel.
  • Autogas cars have lower running costs.
  • Autogas is less expensive than CNG, petrol or diesel.
  • Engine oil and spark plugs need changing less often with autogas, so service costs are reduced.
  • Environmental benefits include reduced particulate, CO2 and NOx emissions.
  • Octane ratings over 100 allows for higher compression ratios, which can increase power output

More than 25 million cars run on Autogas worldwide. In Bangladesh also autogas converted cars becoming popular day by day.


There are two types of Autogas conversion systems:

  1. Converter-and-mixer systems
  2. Sequential injection system


Advance Engineering Technology has its own Bangladesh Government approved LPG conversion workshop. Our Technical team has a vast experience in CNG & LPG conversion. With the experienced team we provide best, safest solution for customer. As well as ensure quick after sales support to satisfy our valuable customer.

LPG Reticulated domestic solution

The Reticulated Gas System also known as Piped Gas System is an Advanced system to supply LPG to households as compared to the conventional cylinder supply and essentially is a piped network that supplies cooking gas to individual flats through a centralized gas bank/cylinder bank. It is an innovative method of distributing LPG to apartments using a sophisticated piped network which is as per the guidlines of explosive department Bangladesh. LPG from Cylinder manifold or Bulk Storage is piped through the header & thereafter it branches out to each residential kitchen. Each kitchen have separate meter to calculate individual use. Bill of LPG use by individual use can easily calculate by meter reading. Reticulated Gas System is one of the latest value additions being offered by builders to their clients. This System ascertains an uninterrupted supply and a host of other benefits like saving on time, money and safety etc.



  • Uninterrupted Gas supply by smart gas bank design and quick refill
  • No Cylinder in the kitchen for a modern living. No floor damages as in case of conventional cylinder handling.
  • Eliminates the risk of fire hazard caused by leakage due to improper fitting of gas regulator after removing the seal cap or leakage of (unchecked / expired) LPG cylinders.
  • Save money by using bigger gas cylinder or storage tank instead of small 12KG cylinder.
  • Continues monitoring and periodic inspection by our expert team
  • 24/7 service support by our trained technicians


My smart gas metering is a cost effective method of collecting consumption, diagnostic and status data from gas meters and transferring the data over GPRS/SMS to a back office server for billing and advanced data analysis. In Clustered Architecture GSM Data loggers work as a gateway for radio enabled APULSE devices within their range. High performance radio technology system perfectly meets requirements of different types of urban architecture: from high rise buildings to individual housing.